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Connie your work is an inspiration, and shows how an artist can be empowered by God to do many different types of artwork. May God continue to bless you and your family.
-- Yolanda, 6/13/13

God has truely gifted you, your work is AWESOME!! I to paint murals & more, I tend to TRY to help others however I can. I truely enjoyed your site! Matthew 5:16/ Galatians 2:20
-- Stephanie Cunningham, 5/21/13

Hi dear friend! Checking out your site again to get ideas for the apartment walls! do awesome work!!
-- Darla , 1/20/13

Hi Connie, I am an artist from South Africa and I came across your site while searching for options whereby I could get my own work onto the net. I just wanted to say that I think your work is absolutely amazing!!! You have a very similar style to myself with regard to your murals and portraits and it was so good to see someone else's work that I could relate to, and not just random splashes of colour amongst "blobs" that is then called "art". I really struggle with "abstract" art and really LOVED seeing your work - it has inspired me and I am no longer afraid to share my work with the world! Thank you!!
-- Chantal Fielding, 7/27/12

It was great talking with you at the reunion!
-- Scott Pegues, 7/9/12

Connie, I stumbled across the website. It's as amazing as are you. Your love and handiwork is throughout our home which causes us to think of you often! Thank you for the gifts of heart and friendship you have shared with us! Love, Donnet
-- Donnet Harris, 2/21/11

Connie, Karen and I just sat here and looked over all your incredible work. You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with me. Blair
-- Blair Hodges, 1/8/11

Awesome website Connie! Excellent venue to show your talented work!
-- Julie Whitehead, 11/30/10

wow, Connie! What an amazing variety of art you have created! what a true gift!
-- Barbara King, 9/30/10

This website is almost as amazing as the artist herself. Thank you for all you do, Connie to inspire others. Always His and yours, Ann
-- Ann Farrier, 9/23/10

Connie, your artistic talent is wonderful a gift from God. I have been blessed to have come to know you. I'm so thankful for the gorgeous portraits of my children. Also, I enjoyed watching you work on my hearth, it made me feel like I was a part of its creation. Your work transformed my kitchen into a more personal area of my house. May God continue to bless you. In Christ's love, Cathy
-- Cathy Broadway, 2/17/10

Connie, you are blessed with such amazing talent. I can never say thank you enough for the lovely Santa you graced our family with!!!! May God continue to restore you and bless you with your creative expressions!!!!! -- Love, Karen Chapman 12/19/09
-- Karen Chapman, 12/19/09

Beautiful, touching, thoughtful art at its finest. God has given you a talent seed, and you took it and grew to to share and bring such joy to others. You are my inspiration! Jan
-- Jan Streitwieser, 8/1/09

amazing work!
-- Shelly Hubel, 5/19/09

Hi Connie, Oh my gosh what amazing work you do! This is truly a God given talent you have. So glad we got to talk today. Janice
-- Janice Paris , 5/4/09

I am a lawyer. i love this site, just keep it up, Thanks....
-- Barr. Johnson, 3/30/09

Connie, I love your work. You have such a wonderful talent.
-- Donna Smith, 2/13/09

Connie, Barbara sent your site to me and I have enjoyed all of your work. My absolute favorite is the Angel Yard Card. The angel is beautiful, serene, strong - all that an angel should be! Susan (Barbara's sister)
-- Susan Lovett, 11/18/08

I have been the lucky recipient of her gift, as shown by several of her pictures!!! Truly amazing!! I love you, little sister!
-- Karen, Her Big Sis!, 11/13/08

What an amazing talent!! You have such a depth of passion in your art and it shows in your designs. Best of Luck!
-- Julie Urbach, 11/4/08